Hobson’s Choice

An 11m diameter revolving stage with Revolvesolve Software was installed at Regents Park Open Air Theatre. The revolving stage was used for the production of Hobson’s Choice, and the 4 week run was part of the summer season of theatrical shows at the open air theatre which runs from May to September.

Dial M for Murder

The 2014 UK theatre tour of the Alfred Hitchcock thriller Dial M For Murder has been visiting theatres around the UK over the last four months. The set includes a 5.4m diameter revolving stage as well as the Revolvesolve Encoder Package for programmable movement of the revolve. The stage was initially installed at Colchester’s Mercury Theatre […]

Union – Lyceum Theatre

At the Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh, we installed a 3m diameter revolving stage and a 3.5m diameter revolving stage for their 3 week run of Union. Surround staging was also supplied for both revolves as was the Revolvesolve Encoder Package, the software enabled the movement of both revolving stages to be pre-programmed for sequenced moves […]

Let The Right One In – Royal Court Theatre

At the Royal Court Theatre in London’s Sloane Square, a 3m diameter revolving stage and surround stage was installed for their production of Let The Right One In. The revolving Stage was used to rotate a 2 ½ tonne water tank used on stage, the movement was controlled using the Revolvesolve software.

Dark Road at The Lyceum

The Revolving Stage Company installed an 8m diameter revolving stage, static square surround staging and the Revolvesolve Software Package at The Edingburgh Lyceum, for their four week run of Dark Road by Ian Rankin and Mark Thomson.

A Little House On The Side

For Theatre Royal Bath’s 2 week production of A Little House On The Side, The Revolving Stage Company installed a 12m diameter revolving stage as well as static surround staging and the Revolvesolve Software Package for full show movement programming.

Pride and Prejudice Regents Park

For the 2013 Regents Park Open Air Theatre Season, we supplied a 11m diameter revolving stage for the production of Pride and Prejudice. The 11m stage is controlled using the Revolvesolve software package to enable all of the shows stage movements to be plotted into a sequence table for repeatable and precise positioning every show. […]

Noel Coward’s ‘Private Lives’

‘Private Lives’ ran for 3 months at the Giulgud Theatre in London’s West End. The Revolving Stage Company installed a 12m diameter revolving stage for the production; with the double sided main set built onto the revolving stage, the stage was rotated 180 degrees each time the show moved from one scene into another.

A Summer in the Park with George

A custom built multi axis revolving stage was manufactured for the Theatre Du Chatelet in Paris for their musical production of A Summer In The Park With George. The revolving stage consisted of a 9m diameter internal revolve which incorporated two 3.5m diameter revolving stages inset into the inner revolve and an outer revolving ring […]

The House at The Abbey Theatre

The Revolving Stage Company provided two off 7.4m diameter revolving stages and Revolvesolve Encoder software to The Abbey Theatre in Dublin for their recent production of The House.

Lady in the Van UK Tour

The Revolving Stage Company recently supplied a 4.5m diameter revolving stage and software for the UK tour of a great production of Lady in the Van.

Earthquakes in London UK Tour

For the recent tour of the production of Earthquakes in London we provided a 5.5m-8m diameter double revolving stage and software which will be assembled in theatres around the UK.

The Wizard of Oz at The Gaiety Theatre

Turns out our revolving stages are particularly suited to The Wizard of Oz because they make such excellent yellow brick roads!  For this production at the Isle of Man’s Gaiety Theatre, we provided a 7m diameter revolve with surround stage and software.

Shakespeare Globe Theatre UK and US Tour

We are well accustomed to setting up for short term events, but The Shakespeare Globe Theatre have demonstrated just how portable our stages really are by taking a double revolving stage (5.5m diameter internal, 8.5m external) on their UK and US tour of The Merry Wives of Windsor!

Halogaland Theatre

The Revolving Stage Company recently went on a trip to Norway, where we set up a permanent installation of a 9m diameter, three ring revolving stage and software.

Les Miserables at The Gaiety Theatre

At the Gaiety Theatre in the Isle of Man, we installed a 6m revolving stage and surround stage for the much acclaimed production of Les Miserables by The Douglas Choral Unions. Again, the stage movement was all programmed and operated via laptop using the Revolvesolve Encoder Package.

Misery at The Royal Court Theatre

Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre staged their production of Misery during June; for this we installed a 9m diameter revolving stage and square surround stage. Operated from a laptop using the Revolvesolve Encoder Package the revolve was programmed to rotated the central set to multiple positions.