Ring Revolves & Tiered Revolves

  • Models on a Multi Tiered Revolving stage
  • Multi Tiered Revolve - Male Models on revolving stage
  • Stage Hire For The X Factor 2013 Week 6
  • Theatre Du Chatlet Stage From Above
  • Theatre Surround Stage And Steps
  • Kilworth House Stage Hire
  • Revolving Stage Construction
  • Multi Revolve Set Up
  • Ant And Dec Gameshow Marathon


  • Double, triple and quadruple options available
  • Smooth and silent movement
  • Square surround stages stocked for most sizes
  • Single phase power required
  • Extra dimensions to the stage movement
  • Tiered “Wedding Cake” options available

Ring Revolves & Tiered Revolving Stages

Multi Revolving Stages add an extra dimension to your event for a visually stunning impact, taking your display's wow factor to the next level - literally.

What is a ring revolve stage?

Ring revolve stages allow you to create a spectacular stage event with multiple revolving stage rings, all working on the same level but revolving separately. This means you can control the rotation of each ring, many opt for rotation in opposing direction for added impact. You can take control of each ring's revolving direction and speed to create a truly unique stage spectacle. One, two or three revolving rings can be added around the centre revolving stage; each section moves independently and is controlled by its handset or from The Revolvesolve Software Control. Ring revolve stages are a popular choice for stage and theatre productions.

What is a tiered revolving stage?

Tiered revolving stages allow you to take your stage design to the next level. These stages are constructed from multiple stacked layers of revolving stage on top of one another. Multiple sizes can be used to create a bespoke stage for your project. Multiple size stages are used to create a “Wedding Cake” effect, where several revolving stages can be mounted on top of each other in a tiered formation, all levels can be independently controlled for speed and direction. Tiered revolving stages are ideal for product launches, giving your product an elevated stage for all to see. They are also popular for those looking to add another dimension to stage performances and have even been featured on ITV's X Factor. Not only can a tiered revolving stage elevate products and people but also theatre scenes. These stages can take your theatre set to the next level and bring a 3D element to any set with dynamic movements.
All stages come with 25mm plywood tops and optional skirts to create your own unique stage visual. See the tables below for stocked sizes.

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