Surround Stages and Steps

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  • Surround Stage And Steps At Wembley

Surround Stages and Steps

Static square surround stages are stocked for most sizes of revolving stage, giving you the ability to cover your entire stage area with a static stage level the same height as the revolving stage, meaning no steps up on to the revolving stage, ease of movement for set and scenery onto the revolving stage and a more invisible look. Surround stage decks are based on 8ft x 4ft decks of steel construction with 18mm plywood tops, decks are legged up to revolving stage height to allow for cabling to pass below. See the details below for the individual revolving stage surround sizes.


  • Squares off the area around the revolving stages
  • No need to build costly shaped decks
  • Standard decks can be used around the surround
  • Creates a level stage area
  • Purpose built to allow for cabling

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