Surround Stages and Steps

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  • Surround Stage And Steps At Wembley

Stage Features

  • Squares off the area around the revolving stages
  • No need to build costly shaped decks
  • Standard decks can be used around the surround
  • Creates a level stage area
  • Purpose built to allow for cabling

Surround Stages and Steps

At The Revolving Stage Company, we're committed to providing an all-round service by supplying accompanying products that complement our revolving stages and complete your project. Building shaped decks can be costly and could even ruin the aesthetic appeal and impact of your staging choice. Choosing a surround stage form The Revolving Stage Company takes the pressure off and saves you time by offering installation services, we can do all the hard work for you. Our team of skilled installers will help create the perfect bespoke surround stage for your project.

Static square surround stages are stocked for most sizes of revolving stage, giving you the ability to cover your entire stage area with a static stage level the same height as the revolving stage, meaning no steps up on to the revolving stage, ease of movement for set and scenery onto the revolving stage and a more invisible look. Allowing your whole stage to blend into the revolving element is ideal for those wanting to achieve a big impact and create an element of surprise for their audience. This illusion is sure to make your event or performance one to remember. No matter what size or style of stage you go for, we can supply quality stage surrounds to make sure it fits in seamlessly with your project or display. Choosing a surround stage will help elevate your stage to the next level of professionalism.

Surround stage decks are based on 8ft x 4ft decks of steel construction with 18mm plywood tops, decks are legged up to revolving stage height to allow for cabling to pass below. Our stage surrounds are designed to withstand large loads and won't interfere with any electrical staging elements you require. Our choice of steel construction combined with plywood tops are ideal for anyone looking for a stage with strength. Plywood is also extremely easy for you to customise with paint or graphics to suit your event and blend in perfectly with your revolving stage. See the details below for the individual revolving stage surround sizes.

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