The Full Package!

Its not just revolving stages that The Revolving Stage Company can supply you with, we stock square surround stages for all revolving stage sizes as well as a substantial stock of modular stage decks of various sizes, meaning that we can provide decking at the same level as the revolving stage across the whole of […]

Multi Revolves are all the rage!!

Over the past few months, Ring Revolves, Double, Triple and Quadruple Revolving Stages from our hire range have been sent nationwide. The BBC used a Quadruple Revolving Stage for their Saturday night show “Can’t Touch This”, The Lighthouse Theatre, Poole used a Double Revolving Stage for their version of “Peter Pan”.  Chichester Festival Theatre purchased […]

Tiered Revolving Stages

Stack them up!! Revolving Stages can be mounted directly on top of another Revolving Stage and there is no limit to how high you can go! having tiered Revolving Stages with each level moving in different directions and different speeds can have a great visual effect and is ideal for product displays, window displays and […]

Glass Surround

This glass surround fits around a 5m diameter revolving stage and is available to hire. Ideal for revolving stages displaying cars or similar in public places, the curved glass panels give enough protection to prevent access to the display without blocking any of the view.

Stage Deck Hire at The Revolving Stage Co

We’re famous for our incredible range of revolving stages, but did you know we also specialise in stage deck hire? We are the exclusive stockist of Revdeck Staging, which has been designed specifically to suit a wide range of event types and locations. Our offering includes a variety of shapes and sizes and installation is […]