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The Revolving Stage Company was founded with the aim of providing the entertainment, advertising and manufacturing industries with a high-quality, innovative product.

Our forward-thinking methods allow us to supply the latest innovations in stage technology, starting with the Revolvesolve Encoder software.Our revolving stages use the latest technology that allows you to take complete control over your staging choice. You can make your event even better by using the Revolvesolve Encoder to program a truly spectacular show. The software is easily installed on Microsoft Windows PC's or laptops and is capable of controlling unlimited revolve positioning, real-time delays and movement, multi revolve sequencing, and positional activation of external sources such as DMX control of lighting, sound and stage effects – providing an all-round solution for ultimate staging control. Our software control is ideal for stage production events such as music concerts or theatre events. Such events require a lot of technical stage production and effects, so it's only right to use sophisticated staging software to suit it.

Our software is a simple, off-the-shelf solution that is easy to use and has specialist features for programming and managing stages. The Revolvesolve Encoder Package is available for any single revolving stage from 1.2m diameter up to 20m diameter, as well as all Multi Revolves. The software can be installed onto any Windows laptop or desktop and allows the operator to program movement for up to 8 revolving stages. Each feature helps you deliver stage production with impact. Positioning can be detailed down to millimetre precision, cue buttons utilised for isolated movements, automated tasks can be implemented and much more. At The Revolving Stage Company, we want to make epic staging simple, that's why our software provides a one-stop solution for staging control. Users can control multiple platforms from a single program. There are no limits when it comes to putting on a spectacular show with our revolving stage software. .


  • Millimetre precise positioning
  • Single key activation for movement of up to 8 stages
  • Individual cue buttons for isolated movement
  • Entire productions plotted into sequence tables for single key activation
  • Speed profiles within programmed moves
  • Automated sequences with real time delays between moves
  • Positional activation of external devices
  • Resolvesolve Encoder Software Screenshot
  • Resolvesolve Encoder Software Screenshot
  • Resolvesolve Encoder Software Screenshot
  • Resolvesolve Encoder Software Screenshot
  • Resolvesolve Encoder Software Screenshot
  • Resolvesolve Encoder Software Screenshot


You will need a Windows PC or laptop running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. We will provide all the cabling required to connect to your computer.
We would only supply the PC/laptop if we were providing a technician to operate; for any other requirements, we would only install the software onto your PC/laptop.
We will show you at the time of installation how to connect the software to the stage and how to set up and activate programmed moves. The software is very simple to use and in most cases only a 30 minute tuition period is required.
You can control up to 8 separate stages from the same software program, which can also run multi revolves.
DMX cannot be used to control moving items. It can only be used for programming lighting and sound as it has no feedback for error checking. Revolvesolve is a stand alone system that is capable of outputting DMX signals so that lighting and sound can be activated from our software.
It is possible to locate the computer up to 30m away from the centre of the revolving stage.

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