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Installation time depends on size, but typically, a 5m diameter revolving stage would take around 2 hours to install, and a 12m diameter stage would take around 4 hours.
All stages weights and point loads are listed in our size and price tables on the product page.
All of our stages have a variable speed feature, but the maximum speed depends on the stage diameter. Stages up to 5m diameter typically have a max speed of 2.5rpm, stages up to 12m diameter typically have a max speed of 1.5rpm and stages bigger than this typically have a max speed of 1rpm. Faster and slower options are available. Remember that standing on the edge of a 10m diameter revolving stage travelling at 1rpm would actually mean you were moving at twice the speed as if the stage were 5m and travelling at 1rpm. Take a look at the Revolving Stage Speed video for a visual indication of how fast the stages go.
All of our revolving stages are 305mm high. Revolving plinths and columns vary in height.
We stock static square surround stages for most of the revolving stage sizes. This means that the surface level of the revolving stage would be the same as the static area around the revolving stages. Our surround stage sizes and prices are available here
All revolving stages come with a handset on a minimum 10m long cable, enabling the user to stop and start the stage, change the direction of rotation and increase or decrease the speed. The Revolvesolve Encoder Package is also available to control the revolving stage when programmable positioning is required.
As standard our stages come with 25mm black painted plywood tops which can be over painted with colours as long as they are returned to black prior to the end of the hire. We are also able to offer quotes for covering the stage in an alternative fabric or flooring to meet your requirements.
Stages up to 3m diameter can be hired on a dry hire basis; all revolving stages larger than this will be delivered, installed and collected by us.
Yes! All of our components will go through a single doorway, however with stages over 10m diameter there will be some components that are over 5m long so access must be checked if stairwells and corridors are very tight.
Yes, although we would always insist on a weatherproof floor covering to protect the plywood and inner electrics if the revolving stage was not being installed under a canopy.
You will need a Windows PC or laptop running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. We will provide all cabling required to connect to your computer.
We would only supply the PC/laptop if we were providing a technician to operate; for all other times we would just install the software onto your PC/laptop.
We will show you at the time of installation how to connect the software to the stage and how to set up and activate programmed moves. The software is very simple to use and in most cases only a 30 minute tuition period is required.
You can control up to 8 separate stages from the same software program, which can also run multi revolves.
DMX cannot be used to control moving items. It can only be used for programming lighting and sound as it has no feedback for error checking. Revolvesolve is a stand alone system that is capable of outputting DMX signals so that lighting and sound can be activated from our software.
It is possible to locate the computer up to 30m away from the centre of the revolving stage.
The revolving stages are all single phase 230/240v; as a rule, single and double revolving stages up to 10m diameter would pull less than 5amps and can be plugged into a domestic 13amp socket. Stages over this size would need a 16amp supply.
We can supply centrally mounted slip ring assemblies for all single revolving stages which can take a maximum of a 30amp current through the slip ring on to the stage platform. Terminations include 13amp domestic floor sockets, 16amp c-form connectors and IEC sockets. We cannot put electrical connections onto the outer rings of double revolving stages.
Yes, stages can be hired for one day or a 24hr period, although consideration would need to be given for the installation and dismantling duration of the larger revolving stages when ordering. Prices are calculated on a daily and weekly basis and discounts are given for hire periods of more than 1 week.
The hire price includes all of the equipment required to assemble and run the revolving stages including all cables, plywood tops and skirts if required. Delivery, installation and collection is not included and will be quoted depending on your order.
We deliver and install stages nationwide on a daily basis, and also offer European and International delivery. Delivery costs are calculated on a case by case basis.

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