Revolving Plinths and Columns

Revolving Plinths and Columns

At The Revolving Stage Company, we go big with many of our stages and displays but we're also equipped to provide high-quality small scale products. We'll help you make a big impact, no matter what size your project is. From tabletop mini display revolves to 2m diameter revolving podiums, these units are mostly used for product showcasing. Mini display revolves are great for jewellery displays or any kind of retail use. They put products at centre stage, while the revolving mechanism helps customers get a close-up experience of every angle of the product. Creating an impactful and engaging point of sales section with a revolving display can help you give your products a premium look, draw in customers and increase profit.

Green screen options make podiums and plinths ideal for studio projects, such as shooting TV commercials and music videos. Our lightweight plinths, podiums and columns are also ideal for business use and easy to transport from one event to another. Columns are great for exhibition stands and huge load capacities across the range mean they are suited to almost any application. Lift your products above competitors and draw in consumer attention with a revolving column.

Each of our revolving plinths, podiums and columns is designed so it can be easily personalised for your brand. They are also portable, easy to assemble and designed from strong, high-quality materials to support any product. With a variety of sizes and shapes available, we've got a product for everyone no matter what your project or event. So, what are you waiting for? Increase sales and take your product display to the next level with a sleek and powerful display that can be created with your store in mind from The Revolving Stage Company.


  • Widely used for Green Screen applications
  • Smooth and silent movement
  • Plug and play – just requires a 13amp socket
  • Can rotate people and off-balance loads
  • Speed and direction control on larger models

Mini Display

  • From 30cm to 60cm diameter
  • 12.5cm high
  • Fixed speed 2.5rpm
  • Static loads only
  • Choice of colours
  • 70Kg max load

Revolving Plinth

  • From 70cm to 180cm diameter
  • 20cm high
  • Variable speed
  • Static and live loads
  • 250Kg max load

Revolving Column

  • Up to 80cm diameter
  • Up to 125cm high
  • Variable speed
  • Static loads only
  • 150Kg max load
  • Green, White and Black podiums
  • Plinth Revolve
  • Human Music Box Stage
  • Revolving Plinth Award
  • Lady GaGa On Tour
  • X Factor Revolving Plinth Hire

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