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The Revolving Stage Company was founded with the aim of providing the entertainment, advertising and manufacturing industries with a high-quality, innovative product.

The Revolving Stage Company was established Coventry in 2001 with a view to revolutionise the staging industry. Our state-of-the-art stages are unique, dynamic and can be catered to any event. At The Revolving Stage Company, we aim to provide a one-stop stage solution for all staging requirements. Our range of products and bespoke services allow us to cater to all our customers. Whatever spectacular stage or centrepiece you want to create, we've got you covered. We are specialists in dynamic movement and visual staging spectacles. Our experienced team has the skills to aid with any staging requirement. From scenery production and carpentry to electronics, we've got the skillset to create an amazing stage for you.

We use the latest developments in technology to deliver stages and displays that will wow any audience. Our vast experience has established The Revolving Stage Company as a market leader, making us the only choice for many big-names in the entertainment industry. Our service is not limited to big-name brands, we provide quality service, no matter what scale your project is. We love a challenge!

About Our Stages

Nothing draws the eye more than a moving object, but traditionally, set designers and event organisers have been forced to limit their imagination due to restrictions on funds and technology. The Revolving Stage Company have made such limitations a thing of the past with our range of revolving stages. Every stage is internally driven, using extremely powerful drives which are light years ahead of the cable and friction units of the past.

Power is from a 13amp single phase supply via inverter technology, ensuring smooth, silent and reliable motion at all speeds, with balanced and unbalanced loads. Speeds, torque and direction can all be remotely controlled from a simple handset or programmed and operated from a PC or laptop. All revolving stages are assembled from lightweight aluminium tubing and high quality 25mm plywood.

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