Misery at The Royal Court Theatre

Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre staged their production of Misery during June; for this we installed a 9m diameter revolving stage and square surround stage. Operated from a laptop using the Revolvesolve Encoder Package the revolve was programmed to rotated the central set to multiple positions.

Foo Fighters in Concert at Wembley

The Foo Fighters current tour took them to Wembley Stadium in June, where they performed two nights in the round to a 90,000 audience. Breaking away from the traditional stage set up, the stage was positioned in the centre of the pitch and the Foos performed on our 17m diameter revolving stage, as the band […]

ARK Charity Gala

The Royal Naval College in Greenwich played host to this years ARK Charity Gala where celebrities including Tony Blair, Stevie Wonder, Simon Cowel, Uma Thurman and Bob Geldoff paid up to £100,000 per table to dine at the fundraising event of the year, over 25 million pounds was raised on the night. The Revolving Stage […]