A Summer in the Park with George

Sunday 21 April 2013 / in Theatre / by The Revolving Stage Company / 0 comment

A Summer in the Park with George

A custom built multi axis revolving stage was manufactured for the Theatre Du Chatelet in Paris for their musical production of A Summer In The Park With George. The revolving stage consisted of a 9m diameter internal revolve which incorporated two 3.5m diameter revolving stages inset into the inner revolve and an outer revolving ring which was 15m in diameter- this in turn incorporated eight separate 2.9m diameter revolving stages inset into that. A new software control package was developed in house to program all 12 revolving stages for precise movement which also enabled the eight revolving stages on the outer ring revolve to be sent commands wirelessly over 5Ghz wifi. The overall height of the revolving stage was kept to a low 250mm and was built from aluminium section. The entire stage was assembled in Paris in one day.

Take a look at the software, construction and finished article:

12 axis revolving stage control software 12 axis revolving stage construction 12 axis revolving stage
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