Chichester Festival Theatre

Saturday 30 May 2015 / in Theatre / by The Revolving Stage Company / 0 comment

Chichester Festival Theatre

The Revolving Stage Company have supplied Chichester Festival Theatre with a custom built double revolving stage. The low level revolving stage at just 225mm high, can be configured to be used as either a single revolving stage with a diameter of 4.2m, 6.6m or 9m, or can be used as a double revolving stage with either a 4.4m dia. internal revolve and 6.6m external ring revolve, or a 6.6m dia. internal revolve and a 9m external ring revolve. All stages are completely programmable for movement from a Windows based laptop or PC using the Revolvesolve Encoder Software. The stage is currently being used in its double revolving stage format for the production of “Damsel in Distress”.

Damsel In Distress
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