10m Revolve at The Lowry

Saturday 07 May 2016 / in Theatre / by The Revolving Stage Company / 0 comment

10m Revolve at The Lowry

The Revolving Stage Company helped this unique and ambitious production in a way that graphs and pie-charts never could.  With the combination of a 10m diameter revolving stage and a large prism above the stage, the audience could watch and explore the cultural trends and social make-up of Salford.

The cast consisted of 100 people who perfectly represented the city’s population based on age, gender, household type, geography and ethnicity, painting a rare portrait of a complex city.

The 10m diameter revolving stage was supplied with a 14m x 16m surround stage and our Revolvesolve software package to assist with controlling unlimited revolve positioning, real time delays and movement, multi revolve sequencing and position activation of external sources such as DMX control of lighting, sound and stage effects.

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